froo (frü) n. Any item(s) that brings amusement, delight, diversion, pleasure, gratification or worldly enjoyment. <He bought her some froo for her birthday. We picked up a bunch of froo at the craft store.> Also, n. -froo·age.

- adj.  Delectable yet intangible expression to describe pleasurable sensory, verbal, emotional and or physical gratification. <The view of the mountains is froo. Satin feels froo against my skin. They were so froo for allowing all of her friends to crash her party. Pier One Imports is a froo place to work.>  Also, adj. -froo·er, -froo·est, -froo·fy.

- v.  1. To delight and amaze by promoting unintentional pleasure. <My boyfriend frooed me with a new tennis bracelet.> 2. To decorate in such a manner that the entire sensual experience is overwhelmingly pleasurable. <We were frooing the flower arrangement when she walked in. I frooed the curtains by tying some froo bows on them.> Also, v.  froo·ing, frooed.

[Lmn E.]

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